icon portfolio Moderate Biotechnology

Portfolio Moderate Biotechnology

This portfolio enables you to invest in all types of investments, in proportions that correspond to a moderate-risk level: shares, real estate, government and corporate bonds.
The Moderated portfolio ‘Biotechnology’ offers you flexibility; according to the situation on the stock market, it may invest up to 75% in shares. About 20% of this portfolio invests in companies active in the health industry and in the fields of microbiology, biochemistry, biophysics, genetics, or molecular biology.
By selecting this portfolio, you choose serenity: this portfolio offers the right balance between capital preservation and stable returns over time.
You prefer a long-term investment horizon (over 3 years).
€ / 10 years
€ / 10 years
10 years
1 year 20 years
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1 000 €
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For 1 000 €
invested on 10 years

Expected gains tooltip icon Amount calculated on the basis of our portfolio simulations. You will have at least a 50% chance of reaching this value.

Maximum lost tooltip icon Amount computed on the basis of our portfolio simulations. You will have at least a 95% chance of reaching a higher value.

Savings account tooltip icon Presumption based on an annual net rate of return of 0.11%

Why choosing this portfolio ?

You are investing in :

  • icon arrow 20% of the portfolio will be invested in the biotechnological industry
  • icon arrow The investments will be evenly spread across shares and bonds, in proportions that will depend upon the situation on the markets
  • icon arrow So, if you invest 1000 euros, you may be 99% sure that you will not lose more than 300 euros
Why choosing this portfolio ?

Portfolio details

Composition Performance
icon portfolio Moderate Biotechnology
Moderate Biotechnology
Savings account
Cumulative return (‎€)

By choosing this portfolio ...

You are investing in :

  • icon arrow Health care
  • icon arrow Technology
  • icon arrow Manufacturing

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